Sketches and watercolours

I’ve been doing a bit of doodling over the holiday, thought I’d post some of it. I went through my history on the blog, and the pages all seem a bit full, so I’m going to start using the ‘more’ feature more often, especially on larger posts like this one.

This is a page from my sketchbook. I was inspired by some watercolour artists I saw online, so I got out my small water colour set and lay down on the floor in front of the TV (my usual drawing position at home)


I tried to push a bit farther and cut a 5×7 piece of illustration board and made this next. Not really happy with it at all, But decided to post it anyway.


This morning I cut another 5×7 board, and made this next one. I like it better than the previous one, but I still need to practice more. It’s been well over a year since I’ve use my watercolours.


Anyway that’s all for now. I’ve gotta run to the art store and get a few things. well, not gotta, wanna. I hope you enjoyed these, and remember, your comments are always welcome.


One thought on “Sketches and watercolours

  1. I came to your blog by an accident, but was that the accident? That’s typical. While searching for the meaningful picture, something is lacking and everything look futile, but as we make an overview of the sketches, some strange smell overfills the room, something sparkles and the heart starts beat so quick That was what have happened as I glimpsed at your sketches. Watercolor stroke didn’t pretend to express anything magnificent, but that humility was the greatest achievement. And you sketches shine the light that refreshes us in a way above my potency to comprehend.
    Unfortunately, the third sketch gifts a bit different impression. It looks like a caricature that I didn’t accept. I see the breasts and… it is just a flesh but not the light of love.
    That’s sad, but the middle sketch above restores the purity. Thank you.

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