Concept sculpting progress

I Mentioned a while ago that I started a sculpture, so I thought I’d post some progress pics.

I started with some alloy wire screwed to a block of wood. I really had no idea what I wanted top sculpt when I started, which is why I called it a concept sculpture. As I go along I’m making decisions as to whatit will be. So far it’s some sort of monster/creature/alien… anything really.


The hardest part is remembering to focus on the large forms first, then go into details. At one point i had all its ribs defined and little intercostal muscles… then , unsure about the form, i removed them all. As soon as I did i knew it was the right decision because the ribcage was kinda wonky.

Anyway just wanted to share. I’m only really working on it an hour or two at a time, so progress is slow, but I’ll post more as I go.


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