Old Trollboy comics, found!

Years ago I made a brief run at doing a web comic. I went strong for a grand total of 8 strips… lol. Anyway recently i’ve been drawing some new stuff, for the real comic i’d like to do. [the strip idea was partiallybecause i think the story i’ve made around trollboy is pretty complex, and I have no idea where to begin a real comic, but, still wanting to draw him, I went with a strip.]

I’ve also been redesigning Trollboy. I’ve never really put alot of thought itno his design. I just drew him once when i was a teenager, and just tweaked him here or there. I think i can make him better.

Anyay enough Jibba jabba, here’s the strips. A blast from web past! I hated devil doll, and used to work at Treeloot (no hate mail please… only love mail.) If memory serves, I inked them with a sharpie and coloured in PS with (gasp) a mouse. Click for the big versions, they’ll open in new windows.





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