Free food abuse 2.0

Went to another hockey game tonight, and similar to last time over ate again. 4 dogs, diet coke, ice cream, popcorn(which was waaaayyyy too salty) and an overly sweet, almost syrup like Ocean Spray cranberry grape juice. Plus a beer, but thankfully they don’t give that away free. I say that because i’d get pretty drunk if they did, as would everyone else, and it would probably be, well, less than good. Besides describing a drunken free for all, less than good can also describe my progress in getting started on another painting as well.

This time i decided to sketch out the still life on paper first, so i could work out the kinks before starting to paint. I feel that I’m starting to be able to make the paint behave the way i want it to, so now I have to work backwards and make sure my drawings are right and the composition is good. These are things that should be worked on and brought to a fairly high level before going into paint, but I’m far too impatient for that. I like painting… I want to paint. I also want my paintings to be as good as they possibly can.

Today I finally got around to drawing it out, and decided the composition needs improvement, so I’m going to try another. Repositioning the subject, lighting it better, and changing the angle. One challenge with all this is how to set it up in my work space. If the set up is too precarious, it will never last until i can finish a painting. I’m sure my cat would see to that. But it will be worth it to begin putting more the effort into these things.

That’s my mental diarrhea for the day.

PS – Canadiens lost 3-2 after a shoot out.

PPS – decided to try the ‘more’ fuction on this post too.


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