Monstah Monday 01

As i said, a new monstah every Monday.


I drew this one entirely by candle light, as my electricity was out more than half of the weekend. Depending how i feel tonight i may take a crack at colouring it in PS.

In other news, with no electricity most of the weekend, i didn’t get any painting done. I had something all set up to start working on – the plan was to start Friday night, and since its a seemingly simple subject, be finished either Sunday night or tonight. So I’ll probably at least draw it tonight, so i can start painting sometime this week or weekend. By calling it a simple subject I’ve quite possibly angered the painting spirits, cursed the whole thing and bought myself a good deal of struggle and torment, but hey that’s what art is about right?


2 thoughts on “Monstah Monday 01

  1. i didn’t know which picture to comment on as they are all brilliant. Your work is great – do you sell it and is it expensive ? (redleeroy ‘at’

  2. Thanks, It’s always nice to get some positive feedback. I don’t really sell much artwork, especially drawings. I would like to start selling in the future though, both originals and prints. I’d like to make a book too, I think that could be cool. If I do I’ll surely post about it, but if you like I can send you an email too, just let me know.

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