New painting music

I Just got the new Tom Waits album. I’m eager to start listening… It’s definitely the most expensive album I’ve ever purchased, but A.) It’s three CD’s, and B.) It’s Tom Waits. It also comes in a nice book format, with a very nice jacket design. Anyway I’m importing it all into iTunes now, then I’m gonna get set up to paint and listen to it all. Its over 3 hours of music so that’s perfect too.

I think tonight I should be able to get very close to finished on the current painting. There’s an orange part in it, and I always have trouble with that colour, more-so than others. It’s not like it has to be 100% accurate – Indeed that would be near impossible – but I want to get it pretty damn close. I wonder if other people have trouble with orange, or any colours in particular. Do certain personality types have trouble capturing different colours? Are colours perceived the same way from one person to the next?

That aside I should be able to finish the whole thing this weekend. Which is good. Because then I can start a new one.


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