Before I started tonight, I was starting to lean towards scrapping my current painting. I was having trouble getting motivated, there was no urge to work on it. All kinds of reasons went through my head as to why – the subject matter’s no good – the composition is no good – it’s too big, maybe i should just work smaller from now on (even though its only 16×20) – there’s not enough variety – And so on. Even with all those doubts bouncing around my head, I went to it.

After a solid 3.5 hours work tonight, I’m happy i decided to keep going on it. I think now it was just a case of getting over the mental block, when a painting is in that inevitable crappy stage every painting invariably goes through, and just pushing forward. Now I’m getting really into it, and don’t want to stop. If it wasn’t for work tomorrow, I’d be up till 4 am easy. It’s so easy to get carried away when painting from life.

you can work an area for a while, step back for a minute, study the subject, and see a ton of things you didn’t see before, and repaint or continue to work that area again. Eventaully you have to make a choice and just move on. Some people say it’s about knowing when to quit, and i agree. But it’s also more than that… I don’t know how to word it exactly.

You could literally spend 2 weeks painting a 1 inch square area and never get it exactly as it is in life. As i said before, there’s always something that can be changed. and once you decide to move on, and paint another area, once that next area is done to a satisfactory level, it would influence the first area, and vice versa. And so on with each area you work on. each influence the others…

Damn, you know i have no idea whereI’m going with this… I could keep trying to make it sound like something, but I don’t particularly feel like trying to write an essay at the moment. There are very few moments i feel like that in fact.

All I really wanted to say was i got some painting done, it was fun, hurts to stop, but have to, and I won’t be able to get back to it till Friday, which hurts more…


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