Blah blah… blah.

Hmm I had something specific to write, but now that I’m doing it, I forget what it was. I could go walk around and try to figure it out – you know, by putting myself back in the place i was and do what i was doing when i had the idea in the first place – but lets be honest, its not really important to the continuation of life on earth.

Coming in December, I’ve decided to start Monstah Mondays. Every Monday I will post a new Monstah drawing. this will take some discipline, and sometimes some planning. I may draw a new Monstah at anytime, but I’ll only post it Monday. So i could. lets say, draw one on Saturday, then post it the following Monday. Or I could draw one on Wednesday, two on Sunday, and have enough for the next 3 weeks. If ever i get a lot of extras in reserve I could go nuts one Monday and post a whole bunch, or do a bonus week of a Monstah a day. Some will be pencil, some ink, some paint. I may even throw in a few digital ones. It’ll be a fun way to make sure i take some time to draw from my imagination on a regular basis, as well as being a good way to experiment.

Speaking of time, I have yet to start my film. I still plan in doing it, I just don’t know when yet. Normally i go into hibernation mode during the winter, but i want to spend more time painting and drawing, and i also have a sculpture idea floating around in my head that i plan to start soon. I’d also like to get back to training three times a week. This winter i also would like to get a new pair of skates – it’s been a few years since on gone skating – and get some of that fresh winter night air. So yeah, I have yet to start my film

Well, I’ve got fresh paint waiting for me… thanks for reading! šŸ™‚


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