Return of the Monstahs

I’ve had these small scraps of illustration board at work for about 2 years. They’re salvaged from boards that, well, were scrap. So i grabbed one today, trimmed off half an inch to make it 5×7, and started drawing on it. I got about half way done and brought it home to finish it. It’s been a while since i’ve drawn any of these Monstahs. I forgot how much fun i have doing them.


I worked a little bit on my painting over the weekend. I don’t know why but i’m having trouble getting into this one. maybe its just a time thing, as i haven’t really had enough to really go at it a couple of days in a row. I was going to continue it tonight, but i just don’t feel like it, so we’ll see… I kinda wanna grab my acrylics and paint the Monstah. Hmm… decisions decisions.


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