Some sketches

I haven’t posted anything in a few days, so i thought i’d post some stuff from my sketch book.

I drew a knight! yay me! er… yeah. I used to be pretty good at sketching characters, but use it or lose it right? right. Anyway I want to get better at it, and i also want to sketch out the characters for my trollboy comic, so this way i can do 2 things at once.


I got this cool Fabriano sketchbook a while ago. Its around 5×8 i guess, maybe a couple hundred pages. What makes it cool is the pages are in chunks of 12 different colours. Like, 20 red, then 20 yellow, etc. So i just open it to a random page and colour and start doodling. here’s a small montage:


I should really start posting on again… I have a sketchbook thread there, but when i go to that site I sometimes end up staying there for longer than i intended, and don’t actually get a lot a drawing or painting done.

Tonight i’m going to paint for a while. If i really focus i think i can finish my current painting in a few days.

Is 6 categories too many?


3 thoughts on “Some sketches

  1. WOW man!! you are good!!! I’m working as a profesional cartoonist in Argentina… EXELENT WORK! really…
    I drew at night too!! jejje see ya… 🙂
    (sorry fro my english… I speak spanish… but I’m learning…)

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