Apres halloween

This past week was pretty fun. I made a Halloween costume, and won me a bottle of wine. Behold!


Not only is my back porch one crazy mess, I was almost overcome by the paint fumes when i tried to paint it. I had no problem with the silver paint, on the back of the costume. But when i went to spray the white on the front, it wasn’t covering anything. So i just kept spraying, shaking the can, spraying… it was bad. My whole apartment smelled like the inside of a can of spray paint. But i did get that bottle of wine!

I got less painting done than i wanted too, but that’s ok. I did get a good base down on a new painting, and hopefully i can get it close to finished by the end of this coming weekend.

Check it out… this post is in 3 catagories… Blogging by Mark, Random, and Uncategorized… Think about it.


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