Post mortem

I’m going to over use 🙂 smilies 🙂 in this post! 😀

This moring on my way out to go to work 😐 , the squirrel 😀 that lives in the tree outide was running around like a crazy 😮 , well, squirrel. He(for the sake of the story 🙄 , i’ll call it a he. I never actually asked it 😉 .) came running from behind the tree😆, and zipped under the stairs as i was coming down 😛 . Then zoom 😐 ! back to the tree 😯 , once around the trunk 😐 , and freeze 😐! The he went up the trunk and stared at me. 8)

When i got home 😀 after work 😐 , and pulled up in front of my place 😀 , I saw that the sqirrel was no more 😐 . Some one 👿 had turned him into a sqirrel-cake 😡 . It’s kinda sad 😦 , and pretty gross 😡 . So needless to say i was fascinated 😕, and couldnt help staring at it 😐 . I never got a picture of him when he was alive 😦 , so I even went back out and took some pictures 😕 , kind of so i would remember 🙂 , in a sick way. 😐

It’s amazing to me how with a speed limit of 30kph ❗ on my street, one could find no way ❗ to avoid a squirrel 😡 . Maybe there needs to be a speed trap 😮 to stop all the people who bomb down the road at 60. 👿

Anywho 😐 I’m going to start a new painting tonight 😀 . I’ll probably just sketch it onto panel 🙂 , and leave the actual painting 😮 until friday evening or saturday 😐 . If I start now 😀 the paint will just dry up by then on the palette 😦 and i dont like to waste it like that 😐 . I’m not sure what i’m going to paint yet 😕 , but i want to do something a little bigger 🙂 , so I grabbed a 14×18 inch panel 😀 . This should be fun 😀

Wow… Now I’m all smilied out.


2 thoughts on “Post mortem

  1. Paint the squirrel! 🙂 Before he became a pancake! 😀 Then he will be immortalized and that is good. 😀 😀 Because squirrels are good. 😉 Even if they dig a bit too much in mulch or bury nuts every 9 inches across an entire yard, they’re still good. 😮

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