I am going to make a film.

Yes, that’s correct. I have decided i want to make a film. A stop motion animation to be exact. It’s always been something i’ve thought would be fun to do… not 100% fun, maybe like 55-60% fun, but that’s more than half. The remainder should be largely interesting with sprinkles of tedium. I have no worries about whether i can do it or not. As long as i stick to it, it should be possible.

The model making is something i can do easily enough. A large part of my day job is sketching and making prototypes, so i’m pretty sure i can handle that part. I’m quite sure on the scale however… i’ve watched the making of Curse of the Were Rabbit. The models in that movie are quite large. Originally i had thought to go with about 6 inch scale characters, but larger ones would probably be easier to animate and articulate. On the downside to this is the size of the props to go with them… but i guess this depends on what the film is about also.

I’ve Never written a script before. I rarely get past story outlines and some rough sketches, maybe some thumbnails and a storyboard when i get around to working on my comic. One way to go about it is everything structured and regimented. write it out, do the concept art, strictly adhere to everything and plow through till the end. Effective, and usually what;s been done on a good film.

The other option is to go the free-form way, which itself could take different directions. Since i’ve never done stop motion before, The directionI’m leaning toward (for now at least) is to make one character puppet, with clothes and everything. From here I’ll try some tests, and play around a bit. I’ll look at it as a trial run to work out some bugs. Something pretty short, like 30 to 90 seconds. The time also depends on frame-rate.

Should i go for a smooth 30fps, 24fps, or maybe a jerky 15 fps. I’m not even sure how smoothly i’ll be able to animate things at this point, so this will have to be one of the things to work out. Along with where to shoot it, how to light it, post production, and where in the hell will i find time to do this?!

But I’ve made it public, so i guess i gotta do it now. I’ll keep you all updated!


One thought on “I am going to make a film.

  1. Yaaaa! A film!!! I can send you “How to make a movie!”… it’ll be good that someone gets some use from it 😀

    I hope your movie incorporates squirrels somehow. And monkeys. Can never have too many monkeys. 🙂 🙂

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