Wasting time

TV is the ultimate time waster. I wanted to get a good head start on the next painting today, but it didn’t happen. I set it up, sketched it, and its all set to start painting, but then i just watched TV all day.

I mean i did other stuff too… groceries, filled up the gas tank, vacuumed… but that probably only took a total of what, 90 minutes? The rest of the time was mostly spent in front of the TV, watching MPix.

Watched This Old House. It was another repeat. I saw a Stallone movie- I don’t even know the name- something to do with a tunnel collapse in NYC. It was pretty bad. Then King Ralph was on… there was other stuff too but its kind of a blur. The TV is still on right now.


I probably would have been close to finished the painting by now.  If i stopped watching TV all together and really wanted to produce, I think I could probably finish 1, 2 or even 3 a week, depending on size an complexity. Something to think about…


3 thoughts on “Wasting time

  1. last week there was a woody allen marathon. i watched 3 movies in a row. i must have seen annie hall at least five times in my life by now. the food channel and hgtv are my true tv addictions though. watching other people clean up the clutter in their lives has got to be the ultimate time waster. at least with the food channel you can learn something. well, at least you have the painting sketched and the groceries done!

  2. King Ralph’s a good one! John Goodman’s awesome. Always. You should see Barton Fink. Kickass in that… You could try painting in front of the TV. Multitasking. It’s a new trend I read about somewhere 😀

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