Paint brushes

I think the last of some terrible advice i recieved years ago has finally been overcome (along with previous nonsense like ‘preserve the white of the canvas’ ) I always try to be open when learning from someone, but it’s amazing how person can screw your painting and enjoyment of it to such a great extent.

2 weeks ago i went to the art store, only to buy chalk. They had all the sable brushes at 40%, so my $2 chalk purchase became like 140$ (I still only got like 6 brushes..) I bought filbert and and flat/bright brushes… i was thinking of getting some rounds but decied not to – I hadn’t used a round brush for years, and never with oils. I even had a few round sables i had recieved as a gift at home and never used them. So, i passed.

Yesterday I found the daily painting blog of Duane Keiser. After watching his videos, and seeing him use round brushes, today i decided to try them.

Damn. They’re pretty fun to paint with.

With just a number 8 round, depending on paint consistancy and quantity, i can get a nice point for details, a flat/filbert shape, and with the amount of paint it can hold i can cover large areas pretty quickly. And on top of that, i get a pretty nice painterly look practically for free.

Its a good thing the stores are all closed for thanksgiving today (in canada) or i’d be spending money on round brushes right now.


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