Less service = better service?

rbc.jpgI had to go to the bank today, and they had these little tear away sheets at the ATM’s to notify their dear beloved clients of a change in services. I just had to share it.

I’d like to know what spin they try to put on this. Is it supposed to be to help their clients? I doubt it. It will probably save the bank money though. So will service fees go down? I doubt it. Will the cost saving measure raise stock values and make the guys on top richer when they cash in their options? Probably.

I wonder if the banks get paid for getting clients to switch to ebills. Because if Bell, for instance, send you a paper bill, that costs them money. Ebills are much cheaper, almost free. So what happens to the 50¢ they save on postage? The client doesn’t get a rebate on their bill. So wouldBell keep all of it, or split it with the bank?

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